Well!!! Pricing is the key for any business to get successful. All the contents written in our other pages were written by my team, but I preferred to write here on my own.....

The reason...

You will get to know the inside of what exactly made us to be in the business. When I started servicing different clients I let the clients decide on the total project price and it worked well for us, but at the same time I know what could be the minimum price for any project as per the market value, so I could ensure that the total project price does not go down the standard market price.

The new client interface was created based on this principle. As a trusted client, you can fix your own project price (per written article or book review) for number of articles you require on any topic, we will analyze the price and if we require to modify, we will let you know by email, or else the price will be fixed and approved in admin section.

Since I pay writers based on % of project price and not based on word count, I find this method very convenient and beneficial for us.

If there is any thing that you want to know more, you can always reach us through the contact us page.

We expect your continued patronage towards our team for many more years....

Rajesh Kunnatheeri

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