Pay Rates

Hello Writers,

Though Writersrushin is in existence for more than two years, I would say we are still in the beginning stage, it is not that we are incapable of growing, we just wanted to have a steady pace, take calculative steps in not getting any loss from projects. We don't take all projects that comes in our way, but give our own value for the work and see if we are really capable of doing and only then we take it in.....

Next, on the amount to be given to writers. To be honest, I have a full-time job, with a competitive salary, so I consider Writersrushin as a passion towards writing domain, that is how it started, and I always wanted writers to be given their due credit. There are many writing sites that fixes price per word, per hour but we want to go by project, though the task/article is measured by word count (since that is inevitable), I want to bring % of profit for writers. This will give better payment structure for the contributors, because from each task done 60% of the total project will be given back to the writers.

I don't believe any other website has this offer, even Tier 3 writers may not get this price, in fact, I had received mails from few writers stating they are absolutely happy working for Writersrushin, because they make better payment from us when compared with other sites they work..... 

I wish you all have great success with Writersrushin and we have a long standing relationship....

Thank you,

Rajesh Kunnatheeri

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