Client Terms Of Service

After clicking to “I Agree” you agree to Terms and conditions set by Writersrushin. You agree to the following conditions-

1. Policy Governing Acceptance of order

Even after accepting your work and acknowledging the same, Writersrushin reserves the right to accept or reject your Project.

2. Full Payment

Writersrushin expects threshold of payment (if there is a series of work every month), or full payment upon completion of task. The amount found in client interface may/may not match the invoice raised, since it is client filled data, and is for clients reference, the invoice raised by Writersrushin would be final and expected the payment to be paid in full.

3. Copyright Agreement

The Project handed over to Writersrushin is accomplished through professional writers. The copyright for the content remains with our writers until the payment is made to them. Once the payment is made to our Writers the Copyright automatically transfers to the clients.

4. Acceptance of the work Executed

The Client is solely responsible for conveying Acceptance and Approval of the Work Executed by Writersrushin. The client can request for any revision within two weeks of the delivery of the work. After the stipulated period of two weeks, it would deem to be approved by the client. Any request for revision of the content will not be entertained, thereafter. 

5. Lack of Response from the Clients

Our team of writers require basic data and information from the client to finish the project. Since, we work at a hectic schedule; we will require the information from the clients on urgent basis. Any lack of response from the client will disturb our schedule. Therefore, in case of lack of response from the client, we will cancel the project after a month. We will return Advance amount after deducting 20% of amount as service charges.

6. Settlement of Dispute

In case of any dispute cropping up between Writersrushin and the clients, the latter holds the right to Arbitration. The decision taken by Writersrushin will be final and binding in such situations. 

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